Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This is the new look of "RACER V1"
78cm x 95cm, HET 2w20,6x3,85A,4S
Super fast, careful ...

HET 2w20

Spinner Alu for Folding Prop Ø40/3,2mm

Helice Cam Folding-06x3


  1. Dear Mr. Martins,

    I am interested in plans for the Racer V1

    And the Super.Stryke D1

    What weight fiberglass cloth do you use on the these planes



  2. Hello

    I'll start to develop the "RACER V1" in the next week and only then I will have the plan available.

    The "Super.Stryke D1" is also not finished.

    I will put all the developments of the work on the blog next week.

    Thanks, Nelson Martins

  3. HI

    The "RACER V1" did not pass the CG tests.
    The point of gravity is not functional for this design, is very close to the drift, and does not allow room for the battery.

    The model will bebrectified and will have a different design

  4. I'll make "CG" tests today of this new version of "RACER V1"

  5. I made several changes to improve the implementation of the wings, the CG point and the design of the model.
    It was smaller than the first version, but was more balanced.
    The model will have more sustainable ... tests will confirm ... I hope so.

  6. I've done the tests of "CG" point of "RACER V1" and has been approved.
    I will start construction next week.
    I have prepared the setup: HET 2w20,6x3,85A,4S

  7. I used vinyl and epoxy to fix the engine.

  8. This thing is getting good aspect.
    Will fly like a Pylon, I mounted a 6x4 APC for powerful speed.

  9. Already covers the wing with fiberglass, it was pretty tough. Lack fiber fuselage.

  10. I chose to put the battery door on the underside of the fuselage to keep the design cleaner

  11. Então e esta beleza já voou? como conssegues estabilizar o avião sem asa trazeira? o controlo deve ser tipo os das asas voadoras, mas aquele cauda sem asa atrás é que me parte todo, fica muito fixe mas n fica muito pesado atraz desiquilibrando-o? Sei que dá trabalho, mas ums videos era muito porreiro :) Bom trabalho

  12. Boas
    Obrigado pelos comentários.
    Vou tentar manter isto activo.
    Este já voou e bem, o truque deste modelo é realmente o ponto de equilibrio, a curta distância entre a deriva e as asas.
    Este modelo é muito rápido, infelizmente já o parti todo! eheh
    Voltarei a fezer outro porque gostei bastante.

    Gostava d eter mais tempo para dedicar a isto, mas não tenho tido tempo.

    Vou ver o que posso fazer. Abraço vai passando.

  13. Hi,please,when the plans will be available??

  14. This model is already available for download. the plan is not completely finished.

    Do not cuts the batteries holes without first understand the plan.

    I would like that you participate more in the blog, send your work and doubts.


  15. Thanks for the plan nelson ;)

  16. Hello
    It makes a few times i want to try to build your beautiful racer V1. After a couple of hours to draw the detailled plan , I now start the construction. I'll post some photos soon
    Thanks for the fantastic design of this plane! I hope it flies...:-D

  17. I've started a post here