Monday, December 14, 2009


Iam working on this model. Imagens soon
Made with: Depron 3mm and 6mm, carbon and covered with fiberglass
Setup: HET 2w20 3200Kv, Helice 6x4, Esc:85A, 4S


  1. I'll do a test flight for next week.

    This model is very simple and has very few parts.
    All the models that I develop have a profile wings.
    This model is very light, weighs less than 350 grams without SETUP.
    I decided to put the fins on the tips of the wings, like the type of flight that causes.

  2. I will do some flight tests, then I will make another model with some adjustments and I will take pictures of the entire assembly process.

  3. This model is a very clean, very interesting to fly on the beach ...

  4. Congratulations for your blog, very interesting!
    I am curious to download the plan of "SPEED.Fun D2.
    It seems interesting,
    Good luck to the blog

  5. Hi Nelson ,just find your blog :very very intersting for me :i love your projects.
    When is it possible to download this plan please??
    Thanks a lot..........

  6. Excellent work these are stunning
    Keep up the good work
    Can’t wait to see the plans