Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Another fantastic model that is being developed by me.
I've done some tests of free flight with a small prototype scale to find the "CG" point of the model.
I will send more information as soon as possible.
Technical specifications: 2m


  1. Hello
    Greetings from Bulgaria.
    I really like WildWing wing.
    Please post more details and drawings for this midship.

    Mitko Atanasov

  2. I'll try.

    I've been very busy with my work.

    Unfortunately I have not time to develop more of my models.


  3. Thanks for the quick response.
    Can be useful in the design and development of all models.
    If you need to propose the construction of models in SolidWorks.
    I hope I can help you.

    Respectfully: Mitko Atanasov

  4. Hi

    Thank you for your interest in my work.

    I dont have time to develop my models now.
    I make models in the CAD program after I make the 3D model in 3DS Max to make the profile of the wings.

    Unfortunately I do not feel any feedback or interest in people that coming into my blog...! They download the plans and do not make a single comment or whatever ...!
    I am thinking of canceling the blog, it gives me a lot of work to be updated.

    Thanks to hall.., Nelson

  5. Hi Nelson

    Please excuse me, but my English is not very good.

    I have to say that your airplanes I like very much.
    I have several similar RC depron airplanes, but I want to do some of your aircraft. I will start with "WildWing" and will send feedback on each step of construction, and opinions about the test flights white fotos and videos.
    I want to send me drawings "WildWing" because we started first with him. Later I will continue with the other models.

    I expect them to send me a DWG, DXF, IGES or SolidWorks part (SLDPRT) or assembly (SLDASM) or other files (for shared files) to start soon.
    My e-mail is:

    Thanks in advance:
    Mitko Atanasov

  6. Hello Mitko

    I will send the CAD file, is not finished yet.

    I have not done the battery box.
    You can try to make the box, I can not do that now.

    I would like to see the evolution of your work here in bloog, thank

  7. If you need help to make the model I would like to be able to help you here in the forum.

  8. hello....your model is very very fantastic.... is possible receive pans dwg of every model racer??my email is

  9. Hello

    I have not finished the plans. Only the "SPEED.FUN D1" is finished and you can download the plan in "FORUM" section.


  10. Dear Martin,

    I have 3 flying wing. The largest wingspan is 2,5m.

    You can find a CG calculator which working fine:
    I had tested.

    Same of you i doesn't had time to built,but i still loved your site and your Racer V1. I'll built one if i'll have a little time.

    Sorry for my bad english, i hope to understand me. I wish for you a lot of free time to develope these birds.

    Greetings from Hungary.