Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Hello everyone, I have received many requests to send the plans of the "" SPEED.FUN D1 "."
I hope you understand I have to take some costs for sending these plans.
The cost is 10 € you must send by paypal as soon as I get the value I send the plans via email.
Note that the plan "" SPEED.FUN D1 "" needs some customized settings.
Thank you all.

Thanks everyone

Contact Nelson Martins (nenodesign@hotmail.com)
Plans available (RACER V1, SPEEDFUN D1)


  1. Hi guys write here your comment about the blog.

  2. Great job, I really enjoy your design.
    What fiberglass weighs and varnish you apply to the models?


  3. Fiberglass- 50g
    I apply a Portuguese varnish , I use aqueous varnish, you can find easily in varnishes stores.
    Buy a strong resin-based varnish for quick drying.

  4. Today I will do some tests with a laser cutting printer to see the result.
    It is a good option for working with depron, it will save me a lot of work..

  5. Today I will start to mount "BLACKHAWK K2".
    I will use a different material for the spars of the wings.
    It is a material used by architects to make models. is a type of depron reinforced with cardboard.
    Not maliavel but tough.

  6. hell ... hell ... helll ... great job.
    These things fly? Congratulations.

  7. You're right they really fly overhead and very fast ...
    Thanks Robin

  8. I'll try to make some videos soon.

  9. This is awesome stuff...can you make more of the building details available? I am new to Depron building.

  10. Sladkost!
    Can you be more specific, what are the parts where you have doubts?

  11. I've updated "RACER V1 'with new photos of the construction.
    I used vinyl and epoxy to fix the engine.

  12. Hi guys

    I was flying with the RACER V1 today and I was crazy with the speed of this model.
    Very cool!
    This weekend I'll leave here on the blog the plan to download.

  13. Hi

    Thank you for your interest in my work.

    I dont have time to develop my models now.
    I make models in the CAD program after I make the 3D model in 3DS Max to make the profile of the wings.

    Unfortunately I do not feel any feedback or interest in people that coming into my blog...! They download the plans and do not make a single comment or whatever ...!
    I am thinking of canceling the blog, it gives me a lot of work to be updated.

    Thanks to hall.., Nelson

  14. É dificil agradar a Gregos e a Troianos! eheh.
    Vou deixar aqui um comentário em Português, comprendo que nem todos os visitantantes do meu BLOG compreendam inglês.
    As pessoa que visitam o BLOG podem deixar as sua dicas na lingua que quiserem, felizmente existe ferramentes que permitem entender quase todos os idiomas existentes no nosso planeta, portanto sugiro que escrevam mensagens no idioma que der mais jeito...

    Bom, quero apenas informar que tenho andado bastante ocupado estes ultimos dias, o que não me deixa tempo para actualizar e desenvolver este BLOG e os meus modelos em DEPRON.

    Infelizmente tambem não sinto qualquer interesse por o meu trabalho ou "HOBBY" por parte dos visitantes o que seria um estimulo importante para continuar com o blog e partilhar o que vou fazendo com o resto do pessoal.

    Para que isto não seja mais um BLOG deitado ao abandono... estou a pensar cancelar a sua existencia nos proximoas dias.

    Agradeço a todos os que de alguma forma participaram nele.

    Abraço a todos, Nelson martins

  15. Viva, pois realmente vejo muito dos teus posts mas pouca gente comenta, é pena pois os teus trabalhos são muito boms, ainda não tive tempo de ver todos, mas não deixes de actualizar o blog, pois como disse tens aí trabalhos e planos com verdadeiro potencial, encontrei o teu site por acaso, mas o que me chamou mais a atenção foi a coluna direita com os modelos, e tambem o facto de serem bastante bonitos e futuristas, agora se são estáveis a voar, temos que testar. continua com este bom trabalho, o que vi desde ja agradou-me bastante, assim que possa vejo o resto e comento dentro dos possíveis, SAUDAÇÕES TUGAS :)

  16. Hello everybody, I'm working on RACER V ".
    I am making some adjustments in the plan to test CG POINT in a small scale model.
    This model can be done with just two sheets of depron, preferably one 3mm and one 6mm.
    Soon more news.

  17. I have finished the small prototype of RACER V2.
    It was fantastic, a real F1 Racer...just beautiful!
    I will insert here some pictures of the prototype tomorrow.

  18. Hi nelson ,
    I want the pictures:2 days since your comment ;)
    Sure it will fly great !!
    When do you think to do the 1st fly??

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  20. Hello Nelson,
    You may not know but your work is astonishingly amazing!!
    I too model planes and build helicopters, but your work is really truly good. Keep up the good work and make that sheet of depron fly...kudos!

    Lastly, I was very much interested in your designs, could you send me some please??
    my id orcnic@gmail.com

    Regards and Best of Luck in your work!


  21. Beautiful work "Didier"!

    I'm on vacation, when I finish the holiday will finish some of my projects.

  22. The Linck of your pictures is here:


  23. Hi, your works are really great, I'd like to build the speedfun, but i'm not able to find the link to the plan.
    Can you help me??

  24. Hi,i stumbled upon your blog on my search for a depron racer and I must say that your planes are really beautiful!good work!i fell in love your your racer V1!!I have built many depron planes,only few fast thought,my last fast wing snapped in mid air so I would like your racer to be my next fast plane!Great work!!

  25. Hello,

    I am very interested in your SPEED. FUNNY D. would be possible to send me the plans to format PDF for an printing in the sizeformat A4 at the following address: schuster.emilien@laposte.net
    En thanking you beforehand and excusing me for the poor quality Englishman.
    Émilien France

  26. hello , your blog is very interresting and i'm fond of your construction !
    i'd like to made your speedfun D2 or D1 but D2 is my favorite !
    pdf sizeformat A4
    thanks and sorry the bad english
    QUENTIN france
    thank you very much !

  27. hello Nelson, i'm mad about your racer v1. before sending you paypal paiement i would,like to be sure that your blog is stil alive ... let me know... icichezmoi@gmail.com

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Yes still active

  30. great . . . check also my blog at http://gede123.blogspot.com/

  31. Olá desde Brasil, Neno. Eu gostaria de fazer o download do Speed Fun. Como devo proceder? Meu email é josesilvio.franco@gmail.com